Children & Teen
Counseling Services in New Milford, CT

Teen Counseling Services

Our Licensed therapists have extensive training and experience with teen counseling services. Helping parents find ways for their teens to thrive. We help teens struggling in school and home with learning and behavior become successful.

You can feel confused and overwhelmed when your teen’s teacher reports concerns about behavior and learning in the classroom. This may or may not be the case at home.

Our team’s approach begins with listening to what your observations are at home with your teen and what school personnel has reported to you to be occurring in the classroom. We engage in careful consideration of teen development. The range of teen mental health considerations along with how recent a physical exam was completed. This will rule out potential medical conditions such as diabetes having a part in changes in behavior.

We also look at how your teen’s environment in school and home may be influencing their behavior. Then we recommend to you what steps you can take based on our impression of what is impacting your teen’s behavior. Taking a comprehensive approach to getting it right from the beginning is our primary objective.

Our Team Can Help With

• Conflict at home and school

• Address substance abuse concerns and treatment considerations

• Finding resources to help you get services for your child in school
• Work through depression or anxiety that may affect your child’s functioning in school and home

• Process a divorce or loss of a loved one

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