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We opened a group practice offering mental wellness services to our community because we love New Milford. Our vision is to help people get quick access to quality mental health services in a timely compassionate way. We believe taking care of your mental health is a critical component to maintaining overall health. That said, we work collaboratively with medical doctors, psychologists, school district officials community wellness professionals and other mental health professionals to bring an integrative approach to counseling. We know how valuable your time is and we remain mindful of our ability to meet your individual needs. If we believe you need a service we don’t offer, we will work on your behalf to find the best professional to meet your needs.

Proud Member of TherapyDen

Our Team Specialities

• Anxiety – PTSD, OCD, Phobias,
• Postpartum depression/anxiety
• Women’s Issues
• Adolescent behavior difficulty
• Conduct Disorder

• Eating Disorder
• Substance Abuse
• Oppositional Defiant Disorder
• Parental Consulting
• Family Therapy

• Financial Wellness Counseling
• Grief / Loss & Life transitions
• Mood disorders
• Men’s Issues

Our Team

Our team at New Milford Counseling Center stays mindful of what you are experiencing when you start to look for a counselor for help. The way you feel is hard enough, making a call to talk with a person you don’t know about painful, private often confusing, ways you feel is really hard. A mental health condition can impact your daily wellbeing. Counseling can make the difference when you feel ready to do the work of utilizing counseling as a tool for gaining the strength you have to make the process work best. We are here for you as part of our community when you reach out for help.

Financial Wellness Services

Chris Rancourt, LMSW
Co-Founder and CEO
Director of Programs
Practice Management | Financial Wellness Counseling | Consulting Workshop Development

Maternal Mental Health Services

Rebecca Wade-Rancourt, LCSW
Co-Founder and President
Maternal Mental Health | Parent + Child Relationships | Family Therapy & Parenting | Grief / Loss | Anxiety | Mood Disorders | Stress Management | Workshop & Support Group Facilitation


Jessica Adams, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker  Substance Abuse Treatment | Eating Disorders

Children & Adolescents | CO-Parenting Relationships| Couples Counseling

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