Maternal Mental Health Services
in New Milford, CT

It’s OK to talk about it!

Pregnancy, childbirth and parenting are upheld as beautiful experiences in our culture. Often, though, women struggle emotionally with maternal mental health at each of these stages and do not feel empowered to seek support.  Depression and anxiety can bring feelings of guilt, shame, and inadequacy, among others. We know that the most important intervention in these cases is judgement free support.

When your emotions are beyond “baby blues”, it is crucial for your health and that of your family that you have access to the support and therapy designed to address those emotions. New Milford Counseling Center is committed to our clients struggling with maternal mental health issues and consider your needs a priority.

You may feel alone. Perhaps you can’t share your feelings with your partner, friends or family. Maybe you are afraid. Maybe you don’t feel anything at all.

You are not alone. 1 in 7 women experience postpartum depression and anxiety.

Reasons Women Experience Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

• Hormonal changes
• Exhaustion
• Overwhelming expectations from others or yourself
• Complications in pregnancy or childbirth
• Physical and emotional factors related to recovery from C-section

Taking the time to care for yourself in a safe space can help to work through these and other challenges. As a result, you can feel better and more available to meet your child’s needs.

The Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) is a 10-question self administered screening tool developed by John Cox and Jeni Holden and used worldwide that helps to recognize women who might be suffering from postpartum depression. You can download a copy of it right here. You can fill out this screening tool, print it for your first session.

Maternal mental health is family mental health.

Call us anytime to talk about the struggles you are experiencing  around postpartum depression and maternal mental health. We can determine the best steps forward to help you feel better.